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Michele, CT

"Thanks Christine. You’re very kind and were a pleasure to work with."

Alesha, NY

"Christine!! The photos are beautiful! I couldn’t think of anyone else I would

rather take pictures with!"

"Christine-these are amazing, you did a phenomenal job!"


"Perfection!!! Love this!!!"

Anne-Marie, CT

"The photos are exquisite. They are wonderful!!!!!!

Thank you so very much for capturing the kids and I!"

Cecilia, NY

"I love the picture of the two boys.  Thanks for the great advice!"

Diane, CT

"Thank you so much Christine! They are so very beautiful!  It was really good

to have my family together, all at the same time, and enjoy a beautiful day.  

I’m glad it was with you!"

Debbie, FL

"Yes Christine! Pictures are incredible! You really captured some great shots.

Can't wait to share them with everyone!  You did a phenomenal job and

we appreciate it!" 

Maria, CT

"I just kind of got through them ONCE and they are just SO-SO BEAUTIFUL!!

What a richness of choices! I cannot imagine how we will decide!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Johanna, PA

"Thank you for these and these are the best professional photos of me that I have seen."

Kathy, CT

"You can’t believe how many compliments I receive about my head shot on my book!

It's all YOU! You are awesome---as always!"

C. Kingston, NH

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