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Christine Simmons

When Christine is your photographer, you will immediately find yourself at ease in front of the camera. She understands family dynamics, children of various ages, and knows how to engage a large group of people. She makes everyone feel comfortable, capturing the essence of the group, as well as, the personalities of each individual. With clients seeking professional head-shots, Christine creates a painless and fun environment, resulting in relaxed and confident images.

Christine draws on her artistic career from around the world to engage her clients and intuitively crystalize those times of laughter, love, and celebration.  When describing her approach, Christine reflects, “I work until I feel that the subject has connected with me, if for only a moment.  And, it is in that moment I get to capture their spirit and start to tell their story”.

Christine is completely devoted to great outcomes of her work.  She designs photographs her clients feel are representative of themselves and their loved ones.  And, she always encourages her clients to look at these images with open minds and hearts.

Working as a professional photographer since 1994, Christine Simmons has seen it all.  With that comes the assurance that beautiful photos may still be crafted even when all of the ideal elements are not available.  Things are not always perfect – that’s life! – yet you can trust that Christine will find the magic of a moment you’ll want to save and cherish for years to come. Through her work, you’ll be adding to your personal legacy of mini relationships within a household, family, or dear communities.

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